the sun wont rise tomorrow

by XnisusX

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misanthropic bleak nihilistic hardcore.


released June 28, 2016

music, lyrics, patterns by xNISUSx.
recorded by the band at The Owl Farm in Washington State.
art design by Devils Music Records.
mixed/mastered by John Letzkus.



all rights reserved


nisus Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Oar
when i beat my chest,
i feel such fucking echo,
it takes a hold of me,
now i feel so hollow.
Track Name: Blanket Fort
we found the ocean as a gateway for god
broken doorway
polluted and clogged.

he cant see me, if i cant see him.
Track Name: Fucking
another junkie swallows me,
makes me feel like i mattered,
gets me broke.

thrown around on their sores,
never alone,
only discarded.
Track Name: Lumps
when she cried,
did you feel like a god?
instilling fear in her bones,
in those bones that you broke?
with your soft sweating fucking hands?
you fucking joke of a man.

i dont believe,
in you.
i will fucking break you.

break the child on your fears, (fists)
shattered shapes,
make this noose,
this was supposed to be bliss,
they wont trust you.
Track Name: Duster
she broke broke down,
i fucking left.
Track Name: Please
as you see,
as you saw,
lost in me,
lost in you,
fragile anatomy,
built on sand.

as you see,
as you saw,
lost in time,
lost with you,
fragile anatomy,
built on shame.
built on sand.
Track Name: Wedding Dance
your frozen mirror tells a lie,
all in a shape parade,
see your face,
tells whats in your eyes,
no matter what i see,
i despise you.

a broken mouth speaks speaks out of both sides,
a broken man lays steeped in lies,
a broken hope is all they will fine,
a broken jaw just might save lives.
Track Name: I Will Not
i will not answer to the hand that feeds,
deny my prayers to that god that bleeds,

i will not become your drone.
i will not become your home.

i will not sell my soul.
i will not be alone.

i will not plead.
i will not bleed.

open before i go,
no one will fine me again.
i will spit on the one that bleeds.
you will not coddle me.
i will not beg.
i will not beg.
i will not beg.
Track Name: neverclean
some stains are never clean,
you can wash a stone until it bleeds.
there's never enough ways to help,
ways to pray, to pay, to save yourself.
some stains are never clean,
that's the way its always been.
some stains are never clean.
Track Name: Breather
the decay culture,
man: such a cruel animal,

i vomit when you smile.